MDD Club

The Music dance and drama club, (MDD) Spear heads all the music activities in the school, and it’s in charge of all music projects. Works like the Sports Anthem, Jubilee -theme song, School anthem, traditional and creative dances, thematic skits, instrumentation, reading and writing, poetry, miming, folk singing have made the MDD club exciting.

Generally, we are proud to be the “heart beat” of St. Francis, always at the forefront embellishing all the school functions. As we commemorate our silver jubilee, a number of upcoming events are on board and the department is fully reloaded to drive you to the climax of this memorable day.

We wish to thank the almighty God for having blessed our children with such great talents of doing the unexpected. It’s our prayer that parents embrace a positive attitude towards all musical activities in which their children are involved.

"We organize sound we educate to build the Nation.”
Complied by: Mr. Burungu John Mary Rock
Head Music Department: