Sports and Games

St.Francis is one among the few schools in Uganda that operates in line with the Education policy. The teaching and the learning of P.E in the school is compulsory and treated as any other subject in the school curriculum. All classes are the beneficiaries of P.E as subject and sport events.

P.E plays a crucial role in keeping the body healthy and fit as well as contributing a balanced emotional development.
How do our learners benefit from P.E?

  • It helps learners to acquire healthy habit and stay off drugs
  • It promotes enjoyment.
  • Its meant for proper growth and development.
  • It develops in learnersí teamwork, sportsmanship and tolerance for otters.
  • Helps learners to build self-esteem.
  • Gives learners early exposure to team sports.
  • Prevents and treats various ailments and lasses.
  • Good health and physical fitness.
  • Improves the mood and increases attention of learners.

There for our main objectives is to instill in the correct skills and techniques that will help them to use during the performance game and sports activities.
We provide a variety of both outdoor and indoor games. Among them there athletics, football, netball, volleyball, handball, tug-ruby netball, draft, dart chess, ludo, scribbles, etc.

The school also promotes learners participation in wide range of physical, cultural and recreational activities such as dance games, play forms songs and movements.
We also aim a developing a fence of creativity, imagination, manipulative skills intellectual involvement and problem solving in our learners.

For the twenty five years in existence, the school has excelled in various sports events both international and externally.
There are four houses in our school, which are categorized according to the famous animals and reflected by a particular outstanding color.

  1. Kob≠ (Red)
  2. Leopard (Yellow)
  3. Lion (Orange)
  4. Tiger (Green)

The school also has independent sports anthem, which was composed in2012 by the head of music department (Mr. John May Rock Burungu)

There are also about sports information in our school. Always visit us and in particular the sports departmental office for more information. I call on all well wishers to always come up for support us in terms of sports.

Finally I wish to extend my sincerely appreciation to all teaching and non teaching staff all support exhibited
Above all, a special thanks to our school director for being very positive in promoting the sports program me set at school.