Alumini interim President
Many academic institutions come up and after a while collapse, but St. Francis has managed to live for twenty five years emerging as one of the most desired schools in the region.

Boys and Girls that passed through this school since then, become Gentlemen and Ladies, many excelling professionally with family and other responsibilities just as the school motto that envisages that Education is to build this Nation. The school has many old students dispersed in all corners of this country and some in other parts of the world so there was need to find a way of bringing all our comrades back as a family hence the formation of St Francis Old Students Association (SFOSA).

Through strategic planning, proper accountability to stake holders and provision of good education services, the school has managed to excel and expand from what it was in 1989 to what it is to date .The bible scripture states it that one desiring to build a tower, first sits down and counts the cost to see whether he has enough to complete it before they embark on this journey.

Looking back,St. Francis taught me a lot during my tender age. This foundation I got was truly a good enough to have others mould me further to make what I am today.

We can all uphold this school with togetherness of all stake holders like the school management committee, the founding body, parents, school staff, SFOSA, and the current pupils.

I would like to compliment all those who have dedicated their time and constructive ideas to the development of the learning environment of our school with the various strategies they put forward to maintain St. Francis primary school in the limelight as the school of preference that manifests Christian values like those of its patron Saint Francis of Assis.

The longer ones consistence is to their desirable vision, the more successful they become.

Kaweere. M.Micheal (Student 1996-2000)
Chairperson old boys and girls association.